Artribal is a cool art gallery based in London, focused mainly on Tribal Arts. We have a portfolio of emerging tribal artists in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and Africa. Every item we display is unique and it comes from a selection of the best artworks available in these countries. Our mission is to provide you with an access, that only internet platform can allow, to unique and very hard to find tribal paintings, at low price. In our tribal arts shop you can find great paintings for your collection and great ideas for gifts and for home decorating. Please have a look now to our Online Gallery. Online gallery is currently dedicated to Gond Tribal Art. This beautiful style of tribal paintings represents the expressions of the people of the Gond tribal communities of Madhya Pradesh, India. Through this art they produce a visceral work linked to their daily lives. Traditionally Gond Tribal Art paintings embellishes the walls and ?oors of these communities’ houses as a canvas, and are not just simple decorations, but also an expression of spiritual sentiments and devotions. The colours and textures show the natural beauty concepts, traditional shapes and symbols combine with the elements of nature like birds, animals, trees and mountains, highlighting the beauty of this tribe. In the last twenty years some Gond artists began depicting deities, myths and nature scenes using paper, canvas, ink and acrylic paints; thus inventing a brand new art form, mixing traditional and modern subjects.

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