New Delhi, Aug 26 (PTI) Five works of late Gond artist Jangarh Singh Shyam fetched Rs 21.25 lakh at online auction house Saffronart's first sale of Indian Folk and Tribal Art and Objects that realised a total of Rs 51.06 lakh. The auction, the latest in Saffronart's series of 24-hour sales, showcased a selection of unique artworks and artefacts representative of the contemporary visual culture and artistic practices of the country's many folk and tribal groups. Of the total 75 lots on offer, 44 were sold. Besides Shyam, the auction also featured exceptional works by other Gond artists like Nankusia Shyam, Shanti Bai and Ram Singh Urveti, as well as works by renowned Warli artist Jivya Soma Mashe and other tribal artists like Bhuri Bai and Pushpa Kumari. One of the significant works featured in this auction was a wooden Theyyam dancer's headgear from Kerala, which fetched Rs 2.74 lakh. The art market for contemporary Indian tribal and folk arts is still nascent, and with this sale we offered collectors an opportunity to acquire original works of art by some of India's most talented folk and tribal artists and craftspeople.

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